“10 out of 10 said I can sing” – DSV’s Ex-BF, Iqbal Says He’s Giving Himself 5 Years to be Better in Singing

Dato Seri Vida’s ex-partner, Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli made headlines a few months back when he publicly expressed interest in pursuing the viral Inspector Sheila. 

While there have been no further updates about whether their relationship is blossoming, Iqbal seems to be focusing on improving himself now, particularly in terms of singing. In a series of his Instagram stories last night, Iqbal said that he’s giving himself 5 years to improve his singing, and admitted that he still has a long way to go, as well as lots to learn.

“I know I’m not a professional singer, and I probably will never be one but I’m someone who enjoys learning new things.”

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10 out of 10 said I can sing

Sharing further about his experience, Iqbal revealed the experienced guru – Cikgu Shafi who is currently training Iqbal to be better at Singing. Iqbal is obviously comfortable with Cikgu Shafi not only for her experiences but also for how well she reads Iqbal and identifies his flaws.

“She knows my struggles, and said that I overthink to the extent that I am unable to focus.”

Cikgu Shafi is not his 1st teacher and Iqbal said that he has met about 10 vocal teachers, who agreed that he can sing.

“10 out of 10 vocal teachers said I can sing, and my voice has character. It’s unbelievable to me but they’re the professionals, so they know better, right?”

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Iqbal, however, is not new to singing. Despite being one of the performers in Big Stage, a Malaysian singing competition, he is still eager to learn and improve himself. He was eliminated from the reality show last year, and he made it clear that the elimination has not deterred his will to keep learning.

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We wish Iqbal nothing but the best in looking for what he wants! 


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