China Tourist Says Service Staff in M’sia Are Super Friendly Compared to “Rude” S’pore Counterparts

A content creator from China who had the opportunity to travel to both Singapore and Malaysia recently shared his experiences in both countries and didn’t mince his words when doing so.

In a couple of TikTok videos, the content creator, @gogolaoshi or Teacher Gogo compared the service staff in Malaysia with their Singaporean counterparts, saying their attitudes are on the “opposite ends of the spectrum”.


@gogolaoshi新加坡华人服务态度差?♬ 原声 – Gogo老师

Specifically, in one video, Teacher Gogo claimed that the service staff in Singapore, especially Singaporean-Chinese don’t have “good attitudes towards service”.

He further elaborated that most service staff he encountered in the country, whether public transport drivers or food and beverage vendors have been mostly “short-tempered and rude”.

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Teacher Gogo then compared the service staff in Singapore with the ones he encountered in Malaysia, claiming that the differences in their attitudes are night and day.

He asserted,

“Most Chinese service staff in Malaysia are super friendly and warm-hearted. But Chinese service staff in Singapore, especially most hawkers, have really bad attitudes.”

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In a follow-up video, Teacher Gogo said many TikTok users who commented on his previous video agreed with his claims. He also shared that some commented on how some Singaporean service staff “didn’t seem to want to serve” them or treated them “like we owed them money”.


@gogolaoshi新加坡人的压力到底来自哪里?♬ 原声 – Gogo老师

Besides that, he also said that he had tested a commenter’s theory that service staff may provide better service to a person who spoke English instead of Mandarin.

He asked his wife, who is Filipino to go to the same eatery whose owner had given him the cold shoulder and place an order in English. However, the result was the same, whereby the hawker stall treated “everyone the same way, even if they were from Heaven”.

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He then hilariously summed up the whole situation by saying,

“Singaporeans treat everyone the same, no matter if they’re white, black or rainbow-coloured. I really feel that Singaporeans don’t like to smile. Everyone just lives in a fast-paced, modern society with daily pressures.”

So, what do you guys think of the sharing by Teacher Gogo? Share your thoughts and own experiences on the matter with us in the comments!


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