Delta Teachers Stage Protest for Colleague who was killed by Student’s Father for beating his Son

Teachers at secondary schools in Ika South and Ika North East local government areas of Delta State have peacefully protested against the death of their colleague Onyeisi Sunday Ufah, who was allegedly flogged to death by a parent.

The dad who is said to have killed Ufah by flogging is Nweke Nnajiofor, a butcher from Enugu State.

Prior to his passing, Ufah, the deceased educator, worked as a teacher at Alihame Mixed Secondary School in Alihame, Agbor.

On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, he met his untimely demise at the school compound when the accused, who is currently being held by the police, attacked the school to exact revenge on his son, a student who had climbed the fence to get to the school and drink some palm wine that had been taken from an elderly man nearby.

Calling for justice for the dead teacher and state government protection from misbehaving kids and their parents who often harass them, the teachers staged a protest march through Agbor City.

Speaking to reporters during the demonstration, Comrade Isaac Arimokwu, the NUT chairman for Ika South, expressed his members’ resentment over their colleague Ufah’s untimely death and early burial.

Arimokwu urged the government to provide justice for the late Ufah, describing him as a dedicated NUT member and among the greatest physics instructors in the community.

Comrade Matthew Chima Anyia, often known as Chimex, the publicity secretary for the Ika South NUT, declared that “cases of attacks against teachers have gone roof top with the death of Ufah.”

Sheriff Oborevwori, the governor of Delta State, has denounced Ufah’s murder in the meantime.

He cautioned parents and guardians from pursuing unlawful measures against educators who reprimand their misbehaving children and wards, stressing that such delinquent behavior is still unacceptable in all state schools.

 “As a state government, we frown seriously at parents going to bully teachers for genuinely meting out disciplinary measures against students for bad behaviour such as is alleged in the extant case.

“I have directed the state police command to investigate the case properly and bring the perpetrators to book,” Oborevwori said.

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