Gatita Yan Cooks Egg Fried Rice & Sardines to Feed Stray Animals, Gets Told to Buy Animal Food Instead

Sometimes, out of love and care for all of God’s creations, we find ourselves buying a can or two pet food from the convenience store to feed stray animals out there. For all we know, they could have been starving for days and we could be their saviour.

Local model and influencer, Gatita Yan has always been known for her controversial content but this time, she shared a rather heartwarming effort and experience that happened last night (October 18). On a series of Instagram stories, Gatita shared a few clips of her in the kitchen where she was busy prepping some meals. However, the food wasn’t for her.

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Admitting that she had been staying off the kitchen heat for a long time, Gatita said that she was cooking to feed stray cats and dogs. For stray animals, they had a pretty fancy meal all thanks to Gatita’s handiwork – Egg Fried Rice with Sardine!

“I used 2 cans of sardines, 4 eggs, and some leftover rice. The cost was just around RM15!”

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Soon after she was done cooking, the Malaysian model went out to feed as many strays as she could, and the 1st lucky stray was an Oyen!

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The fried rice was packed individually and Gatita scooped a portion of them onto the ground for the strays to eat. The next bunch to try Gatita’s cooking was a bunch of stray dogs.

“I’ve gone online to check if it’s safe for the strays to eat what I cooked. Happy to say that the animals loved it!”

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Her generosity, however, was met with feedback from one of her followers who did not think Gatita did the right thing

“Don’t feed sardines to the kitty. You should’ve bought cat food instead, not something that humans eat.”

“Why don’t you do it?”

Gatita responded to the feedback via another IG story, saying that feeding stray animals is a long-term commitment.

“You need to bear the cost and have a budget, not just pointing fingers and asking others to do it. Why don’t you do it yourself?”

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She also sarcastically asked if she should’ve built a cat house for the feline and hired a maid to care for it, like a VIP treatment.

Regardless, it’s definitely an effort to cook fresh food for the stray animals! Have you ever fed the strays with the food that you personally prepared?


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