“His best signee yet”-Portable welcomes new artist after Young Duu leaves Zeh Nation

A video clip shared by portable on his social media platforms showcased the artist’s fresh collaboration with the newly welcomed talent. In the video, they were seen vibing to a song, a probable sneak peek of an unreleased tune from the talented newcomer.

Portable, the record label owner, has extended a cordial welcome to a new musician following a widely publicized online argument with his former signee, Young Duu, in a surprise turn of events in the Nigerian music industry.

Young Duu’s departure from Portable’s record label, Zeh country, was a momentous news, and he appears to have wasted no time in launching a new artist soon after his return from Europe.

Portable shared a video clip on his social media accounts showcasing the artist’s new cooperation with the freshly welcomed talent.

They were seen dancing to a song in the video, which was most likely a preview of an unpublished song by the skilled newcomer.

This fascinating collaboration indicates at Portable’s determination to keep developing music and exploring new commercial channels.

This development followed Portable’s problematic connection with his former signee, Young Duu.

Their feuds have been well-documented, with major events dating back to October 11th, when GISTLOVER revealed Portable’s open admission of tiredness from Young Duu’s actions.

Portable expressed his displeasure, claiming that Young Duu’s “wahala” had grown too much for him to manage.

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