M’sian Entrepreneur Couple Buys Luxury Car for Their Cat, But Did They Really?

Imagine having so much money that even your pets can have a luxury car.

That’s the reality for Money, a cat owned by a Malaysian entrepreneur.

Taking to her Instagram account, local businesswoman Haliza Maysuri shared how her husband had purchased a car for Money.

Money 4

In the video, she shared, “Today, Money is getting a surprise from Papa, Papa bought her a new car. Do you want to know what car it is? Jom, let’s go see.”

The vehicle turned out to be a black 2023 BMW i7 and costs upwards of RM700,000.

Money 1

Money 2

After unveiling the luxury vehicle, Haliza then placed Money, who was dressed in a fluffy red gown, on the hood of the car and inside the car to take adorable pictures and videos of her.


Plot twist! 

Money 3

After receiving flak from netizens for purchasing a luxury car for a cat while young children are suffering in Palestine, Haliza revealed that the Swarovski-accessorised BMW i7 was a birthday gift from Haliza’s husband to her.

“My husband ordered this car as a gift for my 45th birthday last year. We’ve only just received it now,” she shared in a separate post.

She further added that she only used her cat, Money, for content purposes as her followers love seeing her cat in her photos and videos.


You can check out the video here.

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