M’sian Primary School Girl With Cerebral Palsy Suffers Fractured Bone After Chair-Pulling Prank in School

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, emotionally and physically. Sometimes, we just don’t know when we take things a little too far, and something that seems funny to us may not be hilarious to others.

In a TikTok post by @azera5276, a Malaysian mother, Azera shared what happened to her daughter, Iqa after the classic, school chair prank went wrong. Iqa fell down when she was trying to sit on the chair which her friend pulled away and as a result, Iqa is now bedridden in the hospital. As a mother, Azera feels extremely worried and angered, and her concern is even more elevated because Iqa has cerebral palsy (CP).

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It is an illness that renders the person’s ability to move and maintain balance, and posture.

A kid who is suffering from CP is now bedridden thanks to her friend’s handiwork, we can only imagine how disheartening Azera feels. In the clip, Azera spoke about the challenges of raising Iqa and despite having CP, Azera taught her about independence.

The chair prank is really no joke. Iqa is not only bedridden but she also had to undergo MRI. It was a painful process for Iqa and it was too much for her.

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“She was crying because it was too painful for her. She said her waist was painful,” Azera said.

Iqa’s movement was very limited, and the nurses had to help carry her from one bed to another.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Azera said that as of today (October 20), Iqa has been discharged from the hospital but her movements are still very limited and require the help of a wheelchair.

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In the aftermath of the chair prank, Iqa broke her coccyx (tailbone) and suffered from a disc bulge, as well as a bruise on the bone. It is truly heartbreaking to even imagine the pain Iqa has to endure now.

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“She has to sit with a pillow at her back. Without it, it’s painful for her,” Azera said.

You can watch the clip here.

There’s no wrong in pulling a prank or a surprise but if your plans have the potential to injure others, it’s best to come up with something else. A few seconds of fun and laughter are not worth a lifetime of pain and regret.


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