“Next in-flight meal is on me once we recover” – Tony Fernandes Promises to Maintain Low Fares Despite Weak Currency

Blessings come in many forms. You’re blessed if you have a shelter with a loving family in it and at work, consider yourself lucky if you have a superior who publicly recognises your hard work.

The CEO of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes recently surprised a flight of passengers soon after they landed with a special in-flight announcement – a gratitude message for all the passengers who have continuously supported the flight company throughout the years. He then expressed what he truly felt about the past 3 years when the pandemic struck, and after the world returned to its norm before Covid-19.

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“It has been a hard 3 years, and providing many people with a chance to fly makes me really happy. It makes it all worthwhile.”

The passengers were not the only lucky ones who got to receive the words of gratitude from Tony. The cabin crew, who have been doing their best to serve the people after 3 years of hell and back were also recognised and praised in front of passengers by their CEO.

“It was tough for them. Their pay was cut. They didn’t have the chance to fly for 2 or 3 years. So please give them a round of applause.”

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The passengers did not hesitate and they clapped as a token of appreciation for the cabin crew.

Tony admitted that 1 of the best parts about travelling on AirAsia is that he gets to meet guests and personally thank them. And here’s the best part. Tony had another surprise in store for the passengers.

“When we are fully recovered, the next in-flight meal is on me.”

Despite high oil prices and the weak currency, Tony promised passengers that AirAsia will do its very best to maintain low-fares.

You can watch and listen to his words in the clip below.


Best part about traveling on AirAsia is that i get to meet our guests and thank them in person. Today i made a special inflight announcement for our crew who have been through three years of hell and back. But they have stayed and fought with us, and now we are back. Despite the high oil prices and the weak currency, we will try to keep our fares low so make good on our promise “Now everyone can fly”. Ps. when we are fully recovered, next inflight meal is on me.

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Such a cool boss like Tony Fernandes is truly an inspiration (and a huge motivation) to others.


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