Norway envoy has ‘tough’ time choosing saree for Diwali. Internet jumps in to help

May-Elin Stener, the Norwegian Ambassador to India, found herself in a dilemma. She was shopping for her first saree in preparation for Diwali and was overwhelmed by the array of choices. She turned to social media platform X to share her predicament and seek advice from netizens.

Stener, who had been in India for just eight weeks, was captivated by the stunning craftsmanship of the sarees she encountered. The vibrant colours, diverse fabrics, and intricate weaves presented a tough decision. She was leaning towards a red saree but sought the opinions of her followers. She also mentioned that her husband had an easier time choosing a traditional Indian kurta.

Accompanying her post were four images. Three depicted Stener trying on different sarees, each one showcasing a unique colour and style. The fourth image showed her husband donning a traditional kurta set.

“8-week old in 🇮🇳 and off to buy my first saree for #Diwali! A tough choice between all the fabrics, colours & weaves. What amazing craftsmanship! I tend to think I will go with red. What do you think? Btw the husband is also going Indian! His kurta pick was easier though,” she wrote.

The post quickly gained traction, amassing approximately 317,000 views and nearly 9,700 likes within a day. It sparked a flurry of comments as people reacted to the ambassador’s post and offered their suggestions.

One user complimented, “The red is gorgeous on you, ma’am.”

Another user said, “Madam Ambassador, you are looking great in all these colours, and I must say you know how to pull it off in a saree.”

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Published On:

Oct 22, 2023

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