Slapped Victims of Viral Uncle in Setapak Unhappy with RM4.5K Fine & are Looking for Legal Aid

The viral uncle who slapped youngsters during a road rage in Setapak has been fined RM4,500 by the Court. The public, however, thinks the uncle made it out easily, including the victims themselves.

One of the victims, Yik Cheng took to her social media recently and sought legal aid from those who are willing to help. The victims were not only unhappy and baffled that the uncle got away with only an RM4,500 fine but also the fact that they did not get any compensation. At all.

“Why was he not charged with intimidation? He threatened us, and said that he would slap us everytime he sees us,” Yik Cheng questioned.

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Yik Cheng expressed her feelings about the threats that have been overlooked but unfortunately, that is not their only issue. All the victims are university students and as of now, they can’t afford the legal fees to get a lawyer to represent them.

“We’re just like any other university students and sometimes, we work part-time jobs to cover our academic fees,” Yik Cheng added.

Deep down, Yik Cheng and her friends are adamant about moving forward with civil litigation but their financial constraints have somewhat limited what they can do. The FB post that has circulated on social media sees Yik Cheng seeking help from any legal team who is willing to assist them.

“We hope there is a legal team out there who is willing to help us.”

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To quickly recap, the 54-year-old uncle slapped the youngsters and claimed their high beam hurt his eyes. 2 of the victims suffered injuries on their lips.

In case you know anyone who is able to lend a hand, do reach out to Yik Cheng or her friends! Road rage has to stop.


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