Speaker from China Creates Storm Online for Saying Women Play Golf to “Hunt” for Rich Men

A sport like golf, although is generally played by men, is not gender specific. Today, many women are starting to hold the golf club and learn how to play it the right way. To those who can afford it, it’s their leisure activity to let off some steam.

A speaker from Taiwan, however, does not think women today are there to play golf. In a Douyin video about why women are into golf today, the speaker, Zhang Qi said that playing golf is only a secondary or tertiary reason for women to be at the golf course.

Their true motive? To “hunt” for high-quality and rich men!

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Of course, Zhang Qi has her own reasons as to why she believes golf is not meant for women.

Skincare, sis! 

Zhang Qi said that most women are concerned about their skincare, and since golf is a sport played outdoors (usually under the sun), women who put on makeup to play golf are definitely there to win the hearts of rich men, and not to play golf.

“Women are usually worried about getting their skin tanned under the sun.”

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Zhang Qi added that those who often play golf have tanned skin, and not with thick makeup on their skin.

“Are they really into golf? No, they’re there to meet better men in the golf circle.”

“Can’t we genuinely like golf?”

Netizens, on the other hand, completely disagreed with what Zhang Qi had to say about women playing golf. They said that most women are really into golf and they’re not there to hunt for rich men.

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“You’re too shallow! I am genuinely into golf!”

“But those men who play golf are married!”

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“I allowed my daughter to play golf because we all believe that it’s merely a sport. Don’t spread this kind of awareness based on your experience alone.”

“Why are you so biased towards women? Can’t we genuinely like golf?”

You can watch Zhang Qi’s Douyin video below.

Ladies, if you’re into golf, what do you think about what Zhang Qi said? 


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