Taiwanese Mother Secretly Withdraws Her Daughter’s Savings & Went from RM390K to RM7.3K

As a kid, the Angpow money that we got from relatives was often kept by the parents. To think about it, have we ever gotten back the money?

A woman in Taiwan recently revealed that she has been entrusting her mother to keep part of her salary for 12 long years. The thought of having THAT much in your savings is such a huge relief but little did that woman know, the amount of money she has kept didn’t build up to as much as she had expected.

From a whopping 2.66 million in New Taiwan Dollars (approximately RM390,000), the woman is left with only 50,000 NTD (approximately RM7,300)! It turned out that her mother had been secretly withdrawing her savings without her knowledge!

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A lot can be done with RM390,000 and we can only imagine how devastating it must be to know that your savings have gone with the wind, and left with a relatively small amount.

“In the past, because I believed in my mother’s words, I gave parts of my salary and ATM card for the past 12 years to my mother for safekeeping.”

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Unfortunately, the safekeeping wasn’t as safe as it was supposed to be, as revealed via an anonymous post on 「爆料公社」.

When she got married and all her items were returned, she noticed the significantly reduced amount in her savings book. She revealed that growing up, she was made to believe that parents should receive money from their wages, which was sometimes tough for her because she had loans to pay and children to raise.

It’s heartbreaking that she has to start all over again in terms of savings. How much do you often give to your parents?


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