“This marriage already has problems” – Reactions as groom scolds bride on wedding day

Many are discussing about a groom’s disciplining of the bride for appearing uncomfortable on what should have been their happiest day ever, during the wedding ceremony.

As the bride appears uncomfortable on what should be her best day ever, the husband chastises her, igniting conversation throughout the wedding ceremony.

A viral social media video depicted the marriage of a couple who began in an unusual manner.

The groom had first shoved his way through the entrance beside his bride-to-be, which appeared awkward.

He, on the other hand, turned to face the bride, scolding her with a harsh voice and face for complaining about their entry.

Furthermore, the bride was startled by the sound of gunfire from the gathering of their invited guests, prompting a second reprimand from the groom.

Reactions trailing the groom who scolds his bride on their wedding day

Little_Maame penned: “I no see anyone tapping into their blessing ooo.”

Maryannqueenofficial said: “That’s why I dont rush for marriage,,,,, I need to be happy and not to make community happy in the name of marriage.”

user9613995500663 said: “Why didn’t he let her get out first? They both fought to be the first out.”

DJ Fago said: “This guy is scared and at the same time he is asking her why is she scared…”

Rahel said: “If he disrespect her from the beginning what will happen then? run sis.”

Lushell Hamilton265 said: “Why couldn’t he be a gentleman and let the bride walk out first.”

muna ubax said: “Why he mad at her he got scared too so sorry sister.”

Watch the video below …

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