This Oyen on Thailand Mountain is Livin’ the Life by Resting & Making Money From M’sian Hikers

Myvi has always been the King of the Road for all the “messes” it has been making, and we’re not joking when we tell you Oyen remains the King of the Felines!

From not giving attention to marching authorities to having its name recognised globally, Oyen continues to surprise us with its surprising capability. This time, another Oyen, as shown on a TikTok post by @mkamilh is spotted making money on top of the mountain, and it doesn’t even have to ask or beg for cash. The Oyen was just being Oyen by simply resting and “chilling” on a chair with its eyes closed while the amused public put some cash into a small container that was placed on the chair.

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That sounds like everyone’s dream job – earning an income while you sleep.

As if the Oyen wasn’t “bossy” enough, it rested on the chair with a pair of sunglasses on its forehead while wiggling its tail. This Oyen is even bossier than the CEO of big companies. The public who hiked up the mountain also took pictures and videos of the Oyen who makes easy money.

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Kamil, who often organises hiking trips said that he spotted the Oyen on Mount Silipat, which is located in Betong, Thailand. According to him, the unnamed Oyen was not there by accident. That was indeed its place, and the money that Oyen makes has always been put to good use.

“It has always been at the campsite. The money is used to cover its food expenses. There are always hiking trips to Mount Silipat almost on a daily basis.”

Kamil also told WORLD OF BUZZ that Oyen is not the only animal that makes its presence on the mountain, but a furry friend also lingers around the area. However, Kamil did not manage to take photos of the dog.

You can watch the bossy clip of Oyen below, and see how easy it is for Oyen to make money by literally doing nothing.


Replying to @Mijaaa ❤️ oyen king of gunung silipat, siap spek tu tak tahan. #oyennakal #oyenfamilynihboss #gunungsilipatthailand

♬ Funny video “Carmen Prelude” Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)

Life is good if we’re Oyen. To those who are active in hiking, and if you ever plan to visit Mount Silipat, do take pictures with Boss Oyen and contribute a little to its food!


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