Tourist Spots on Mountains in China Now Have Escalators for Travellers to “Hike” Up

Malfunctioned escalators at the malls are more than enough to grind our gears, so imagine you have to climb up more than 10 floors at your residence or at your office.

Several tourist spots in China took things to another level to ease the visitors, and we really mean it when we say it’s making their lives much, much easier. Tourist destinations such as Tianyu Mountain, Shenxianju, and Baiyun Mountain have installed escalators for visitors to go up the mountain. 

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Hiking? What’s hiking?

We’re talking about escalators now! They are installed on the rocky terrains and visitors will still be able to enjoy the greenery (and Instagram them!) without feeling exhausted from the hike because the escalator will do the work for you.

According to Xiao Hong Shu posts by 浙江最生活 and Ehab, an escalator was installed at Tianyu Mountain after the management recognised its potential to boost tourism at the place. RMB10 million (approximately RM6.53 million) was spent to install the escalator at the place. Tianyu Mountain has a path that stretches as far as 3 kilometre, so imagine the amount of strength you can save all thanks to the escalator.

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What about hiking? Some netizens debated about the “authentic” experience and feeling of hiking up the mountain and the satisfaction but on the other hand, others are happy about the installation of the escalators which is good news for the elderly and the kids.

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“This is really helpful to the elderly and the kids, especially those who want to look at the view without feeling sore on their legs. Appreciate the modern technology.”

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“This is really good news for the kids and the elderly!”

Do you think it’s a good idea to install escalators in the mountains in Malaysia, especially those at tourist spots?


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