Vir Das’ heartfelt gesture for elderly fan gets a thumbs up from the internet

Comedian and actor Vir Das recently made a heartwarming gesture by fulfilling a wish of one of his dedicated fans. The fan, Violet D’Souza Monis, an elderly woman, had expressed her admiration for Vir Das but lamented her inability to secure tickets to his shows due to their rapid sell-outs. In a touching response, Vir Das ensured that her desire to attend his show was met.

Violet had left a heartfelt comment on one of Vir’s Instagram posts, praising his wit and humor while regretting her inability to purchase tickets in time. She mentioned that, as a senior, she found it challenging to compete in the fast-paced ticket booking process, expressing her hope to attend one of his shows before it was too late.

Moved by Violet’s message, Vir Das replied to her with an offer that would make her dream come true. He assured her that, in the city where she resides, her tickets to his show would be on the house, extending a warm invitation for her to attend. Vir Das even instructed one of his team members to get in touch with Violet to make all the necessary arrangements.

Take a look at the post:

Violet, deeply touched by Vir’s kindness, expressed her gratitude, emphasising the joy that his humor brings to her life. “Today I had the privilege as a guest of Mr Vir Das to attend his show on his MINDFOOL tour of India. I came away with several emotions and thoughts that would not do justice to the Man,” Violet wrote. “You are the stuff legends are made of Mr Vir Das and I wish you every success in many many tours around the world ,” she added.

Here’s how others reacted:

Such a wonderful gesture!

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Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Oct 24, 2023

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