Waiter in KL Takes Things Literally & Writes “SING SONG” Instead of Singing B’day Song to Customer

One of the best birthday surprises to receive as the one who celebrates it is to have people surrounding you and singing the birthday song, before serving you the sweet little plate of cake.

A Malaysian woman in KL, Hayani recently celebrated her friend’s birthday in KL as part of the surprise, Hayani requested for her friend, Diyana’s name to be written on the plate and a birthday song from the servers. The order and the request were made via an application, and on her TikTok account @hyninzri, Hayani showed how the surprise plan did not go as expected.

“Can write Happy Birthday Diyana and sing song, please. Thank you!”

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The server, however, took Hayani’s request too literally. He managed to write Diyana’s name on the plate used to serve the Blue Velvet Cake but the birthday song part didn’t come in the way everyone expected.

The server did not only write Diyana’s name on the plate but also “sing song”. So, Diyana got “Happy Birthday Diyana & sing song” on her plate. That’s a hilarious blunder and instead of lashing out at the server, Hayani and her friends, including the birthday girl burst out in laughter. They couldn’t stop laughing and pointing and the “sing song” name.

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Hayani said she celebrated Diyana’s birthday at Dotty’s in KLCC recently. However, the cake was supposed to be a prank.

“Diyana’s birthday has actually passed. We wanted to prank and confused her, that was why she looked confused. I myself did not expect the server to write sing song on the plate.”

We guess the prank game was “reversed” and Hayani herself got pranked too, and the blunder from the server’s side made it even funnier.

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Hayani also told WORLD OF BUZZ that she did not ask the server to return with a new plate. They just went along with “Happy Birthday Diyana & sing song”, and enjoyed the day.

Netizens, too, found the incident to be funny and one of them even experienced the same thing.

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“I had the same experience with Baskin Robbins! They wrote, ‘Happy Birthday Alia and candles.”

“That is why, English education is very important.”

Screenshot 2023 10 23 160400

“Happy Birthday Diyana Sing Song. Do you have Korean blood?” a netizen joked.

“He’s wrong, but he’s right.”

You can watch the viral funny clip below.


Kita request suruh nyanyiii tapi lain yang dia buat😭😭😭😭 #fypシ゚viral #birthdaygirl🎉🎂 @Diyvnv 🎃 @Hnaa

♬ original sound – Jehanhayanii – Jehanhayanii

Have you ever experienced a similar thing when celebrating your friend’s birthday, or when a server takes your order too literally, just like what happened to the man below?


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