Watch: Python rescued after 30-minute operation from Delhi man’s car

A Delhi resident was up for a nasty shock when a massive six-foot-long python was discovered lurking within the engine compartment of his car. The hair-raising episode unfolded in the Chittaranjan Park area of Delhi, leaving both the car owner and onlookers in shock.

A video of this encounter has since gone viral on X, capturing the attention of viewers. The clip showcases the formidable python coiled up inside the car’s engine, a sight that would startle even the bravest of souls.

Upon making this unnerving discovery, the car’s owner wasted no time and promptly contacted Wildlife SOS, a non-governmental organisation renowned for its expertise in wildlife rescue operations. The organisation swiftly dispatched a specialised team to the scene, geared up for a potentially dangerous mission.

Take a look at the post:

The gripping video depicts the daring rescue operation. The experienced team worked tirelessly for over 30 minutes, laboring to extract the unwelcome guest from its automotive hideout. After a painstaking effort, the python was successfully freed from the car’s engine and safely handed over to the forest authorities.

In the footage, the dedicated rescuers can be seen maneuvering under the vehicle, skillfully locating and removing the reptile.

A daring rescue indeed!

Edited By:

Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Oct 19, 2023

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