You are nothing but a shameless bully- Faith Morey Fires Iyabo Ojo

Real Housewives of Lagos member Faith Morey has slammed Nollywood actress and co-star Iyabo Ojo for her reckless personality and is trying to get over her glaring flaws as she calls her a bully.

A few hours ago, Iyabo Ojo has responded to the widespread criticism of her feud with Faith Morey on season 2 of The Real Housewives of Lagos.

The movie star acknowledged that many people draw parallels between reality shows and real-life situations, cited Mobad as an example, and said he personally apologized to Pace.

Iyabo Ojo defended her actions, explaining that reality shows are often edited to convey a certain narrative and that not everyone can or should be portrayed as a victim, supporter or peacemaker. However, Faith Mori disagreed with Iyabo’s claims and claimed that she never apologized to Iyabo.

She explained that RHOLagos is not a scripted show and the producers have no guidelines on how the housewives should behave. So he did not excuse Iyabo’s actions.

Faith said Iyabo could not pretend to be someone she was not for five months and he could not act for that long. The reality star urged Iyabo to take responsibility for his actions, pointing out that he hated her from the first day he met her.

In a lengthy Instagram story post, she wrote;

“RHOLagos is not a scripted show and there are no guidelines by the producers as to how housewives should act!! People act the way they act because that’s what and who they are! You can’t be someone you are not for 5 whole months. You can’t act for 5 whole months!! Enough of this gaslighting people!!

Own your crude, crass behavior with your chests!! You never liked me from the very first day you met me and you never stopped showing me that.

I never did anything to you and you never for once apologized for anything or saw how badly you treated me! You never gave me a chance! You wanted to be close to anyone who disliked me because you are nothing but a shameless bully!

I wish the producers showed everything in full!! Edits were even to your advantage but your spiteful behavior can’t even escape edits!

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