AirAsia CEO deletes controversial shirtless massage pic, shares this instead

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes has once again made headlines, this time with a LinkedIn post following a previous controversial picture that went viral. In the original post, Fernandes shared an image of himself shirtless, receiving a massage during a management meeting, praising the work culture at AirAsia that allowed him such flexibility during a virtual meeting. The post, however, sparked significant backlash, leading to its removal.

While Fernandes did not directly address the controversy, his latest LinkedIn post seems to be a subtle nod to the previous incident. In the post, he mentioned a “busy day” and staying at the office. He highlighted a special outdoor BBQ organized by the AirAsia team, featuring Ikan Bakar.

“Busy day. After all the attention I got and with so much positive stuff going on decided to stay at the office. Allstars did a special outdoor BBQ for me. Fresh Ikan Bakar,” read the post.

Take a look:

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59-year-old Tony Fernandes has been a prominent figure in the aviation industry and continues to shape the AirAsia brand.

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Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Oct 19, 2023

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