Australian man fights off kangaroo to save pet dog

In Australia, a man named Mick Moloney, known for his expertise in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, found himself in an unexpected face-off with a kangaroo. The incident occurred in Mildura, Australia, where Moloney resides.

The seven-foot kangaroo had seized his dog and was attempting to drown it in a river. This dramatic encounter was captured on video by Moloney himself and initially shared on TikTok by the Mildura Martial Arts School. Although the original post has since been removed from TikTok, the footage can still be found on other social media platforms such as Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

As Moloney waded into the water towards the kangaroo, he can be heard issuing a stern warning to the marsupial, threatening to punch it if it didn’t release his dog. The video becomes shaky as Moloney lands a punch on the kangaroo, obscuring the view momentarily. When the recording resumes, both Moloney and his dog are seen emerging from the water, while the kangaroo remains in the river.

In a subsequent clip, Moloney is seen checking on his dog and showing his bloodied hand to the camera. He later recounted the incident to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), explaining that he was stretching on the riverbank when he noticed that his dog, Hatchi, an Akita breed, was missing. Upon scanning the area, he spotted a large kangaroo in the river, its arms submerged in the water, staring back at him.

Moloney then noticed Hatchi in the water, seemingly trapped in a headlock by the kangaroo. He described how water was gushing out of Hatchi’s mouth and the dog was yelping in distress. Despite his initial attempts to scare off the kangaroo using loud noises, Moloney was forced to confront the muscular creature directly to save his pet. He humorously likened the kangaroo’s physique to that of a convict who had just been released from jail.

Published On:

Oct 19, 2023

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