Chinese Model Gains 35kgs for BF Who Likes ‘Heavier’ Women, Ends up Getting Fired & Dumped!

There are many out there who are willing to do anything for love. But, what if you’ve given your significant other what they want and they still leave you after?

A former model in China had gained 35kgs in a month after her boyfriend had told her that he liked ‘heavier’ women and would marry her if she did. But, lo and behold, after she gained the weight, he dumped her.

According to a video on Weibo, the former model, Zeng, had only weighed about 50kgs prior to meeting her boyfriend, Wei. He had then told her that he preferred chubbier women and would marry her if she gained weight.

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“Can you reach 65kgs or 75kgs? Don’t worry, you are free to eat as much as possible,” Wei told her via WeChat. “Do you like fat girls? Or me?” Zeng asked back.

Wanting to satisfy her boyfriend, Zeng then gained 35kgs in a month which led to her losing her job as a model. Though, sadly, the boyfriend soon broke up with her as he “liked his freedom”.

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“I expect you can find a stable man, but I am not that person,” Wei said before blocking Zeng on WeChat.


We genuinely hope that Zeng manages to get back on her feet and become the person she wants to be, instead of what her ex-boyfriend wanted for her.

You can check out the saddening video here.

What would you do if you were in the former model’s shoes? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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