‘Exhilarating experience’: Video shows man travelling in Mumbai Metro with his bicycle

Mumbai is known for its heavy traffic congestion and lengthy commute time. It is second only to Bengaluru in terms of its traffic congestion. As a result, many residents opt to use local or metro trains as a means to circumvent the gridlock. However, due to the lack of last-mile connectivity in public transportation, passengers often resort to using auto-rickshaws to reach their final destinations.

However, a young man was recently seen bringing his bicycle into the Mumbai metro. He shared his unique experience on Instagram, stating, “Cycling through Mumbai’s bustling streets and then seamlessly transitioning to the Metro with your bike is an exhilarating adventure! It allows you to explore different parts of the city, immerse yourself in the local culture, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. It’s the perfect blend of urban exploration and fitness.”

Interestingly, the Mumbai Metro permits cyclists to bring their bicycles onboard without any additional charges. Each compartment is equipped with a dedicated parking slot that can accommodate one bicycle at a time. However, this facility is currently only available on the yellow line 2A and red line 7, as per the Metro authorities.

Watch the video here:

The Instagram post garnered significant attention, with many users expressing their appreciation for the initiative by the Mumbai Metro to provide a parking spot for bicycles.

One user humorously commented, “Bro is literally transporting a transporting vehicle into a transporting vehicle for transport.”

“After some days I am definitely going to see a reel about cycle in delhi metro,” another user joked.

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Published On:

Oct 23, 2023

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