Foreign Security Guard in M’sia Eats Only Rice With Onion & Garlic After Sending Most of His Salary to His Family

After paying for commitments, some of us have enough to survive for the remainder of the month if we spend our salary wisely. We really should consider ourselves lucky if we’re still able to splurge on fancy food every weekend or go to the movies often.

A foreign security guard in Malaysia recently caught the attention of many Malaysians when images of him having a meal went viral. It was his meal that gained the sympathy of netizens – white rice soaked with boiled water and onions. As simple as that. The meal may be able to fill our tummy but how long can it last, and how satisfying can it be in the long run?

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According to a Facebook post by Penang Kini, a user submitted photos of the security guard with his simple meal and said that his decision for simple meals stems from the love he has for his family back in his country. On his payday every month, the guard will transfer MOST of his salary to his family in his hometown, and it’s up to him how to utilise the remainder of the money he has.

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Some of us may spend over RM100 in a few days or a week, but the guard spends the same amount in a significantly longer time.

“He doesn’t spend more than RM100 in a month on food.”

The user also said that sometimes, he will treat the guard to better food if he has more budget for the week.

In the comment sections, many Malaysians took the chance to wish the guard well, while some found themselves resonating with his situation and hardship.

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“This shows how great a father can sacrifice for his family. They, too, are humans with emotions, so let’s be sympathy with them.”

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“Those who have lived a hard life will understand. It’s always your wife and kids first. I wish you well!”

Dear Malaysian parents, can you resonate with the guard’s actions and feelings?


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