“I wanted to cry” – M’sian Woman Finds a Spy Cam on the Flush at Public Toilet in KL Gas Station

Are spy cams everywhere to invade people’s privacy? What happened to the good old times when we didn’t need to worry much about our safety out there?

Just recently, an X user, @injang_nation shared the shocking discovery of a Malaysian woman who found something that was not supposed to be found in a public toilet. The incident happened at a gas station in KL, and the post has been reshared multiple times on social media as an awareness to everyone, especially ladies to be extra extra extra aware of their surroundings.

A camera… in a public toilet?


Before using the toilet, the “flush is damaged” sign got the attention of the woman. The sign was displayed there with black tape but as fate had it, the woman was “moved” to look at the sign again, closely. When she saw a reflection around the black tape, she touched it to check and the spy camera came to light.

It was the reflection from the lens of the camera.

“The devil literally put the spy cam on the flush. I felt everything. I wanted to cry, shout, I was shaking. I told my husband about it and we went to file a police report immediately,” the woman said.


At the time of writing, PDRM has yet to issue a public statement about the matter.

In the meantime, another X user, @mulut_cabai responded to the tweet and suggested the public download an application – Hidden Camera Detector, which is easy to use and free of charge. We do hope the application will come in handy, especially to all the ladies out there.

We hope no one out there, regardless of your gender has to go through this. We can’t imagine if the hidden camera was never discovered, and if you happen to find one, immediately hand it to the authorities.


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