“I’m happy here” – 25yo Woman in KL Quits Office Job to Hold the Knife as Butcher in Chow Kit Market

One of the many ways to stay happy in your life (and your job) is to do exactly what makes you happy, even if it feels like going against the norm.

A Malaysian woman recently defied the odds by quitting her day job and ventured into something else that she enjoys doing – butchery. She put down her pen in the office and started holding the knife at Chow Kit Wet Market to help her cousin.

The woman, Ummi Safiyyah, who is only 25 years old said she’s not picky when it comes to her day job, as long as it brings in money in the right way. In an interview with Harian Metro, the 25-year-old butcher admitted that she enjoys deboning and cutting chickens every day because it’s a job that requires special skills.

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“It took me 3 months to learn the techniques so that the customers will be happy.”

Ummi also said that everyone was initially surprised to see a young woman working as a butcher in the market because most people who are behind the scenes in butchery are men or women of older age. Not only that but Ummi also said there were male customers who teased her by pretending to get to know her.

She also admitted that despite her age, it’s not embarrassing for her to work in the market.

“I’ve always had interests in doing business.”

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When asked about the smell, Ummi said that the fishy smell has never been an issue for her.

“I touched the poultry every day, so the smell is inevitable. But I don’t mind and in fact, I’m happy to work here.”

It’s good that Ummi finds peace in her transition. If you were to reflect on your current job, do you see yourself staying longer there?


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