Mercy Aigbe Shares Struggles of Training Her Daughter Aboard as a single Mum

Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe is full of excitement from her daughter Michelle’s recent graduation party.

 The Excited mother took some time to reflect on her difficult life, including that of a single mother who sent her daughter to college abroad.

She admits to doubting her decisions more than once especially after hearing so many controversial stories about young people going abroad to study without their parents.

She also pointed out that economic conditions were not good when he sent his daughter abroad to study. So we didn’t go together because I couldn’t get tickets for two. Mila revealed that sometimes she thought of giving up, but God helped her.

The photo on the left is the day @michelleio__ left Nigeria. Today was a whirlwind of emotions for me. I was happy that it was my dream, but I was so worried and worried about being alone that I couldn’t sleep for days.

“I kept thinking and asking myself if I made the right decision! Cos we hear a lot of stories about kids studying abroad, how they can succumb easily to peer pressure, a lot of stories! Whew! I was so worried she was going to be all by herself in a strange land! I couldn’t go with her that very day because I couldn’t afford a ticket for both of us then because I had used all my money to pay school fees ( hmmmm story for another day )…” She wrote in part

See their comments below:

kemiafolabiadesipe: “Wo do 100 posts on our latest graduate! You’re more than welcome walahi mummy Michelle you have done so well. super duper happy for you.” “Thank you Lord,I can relate too,my daughter that’s reading nursing in university, when I heard UK school fee,I told her to do it her nursing in Nigeria, by the grace of God people will congratulate me and my children too in Jesus Christ name.”

osayuwamensaleh: “My big sister I am where you were then and I can feel every emotion you felt , God is good indeed and I feel super grateful to God on your behalf. And you don’t need to apologise oo please flood our timeline, this is a huge encouragement for some of us. Thank God a million times on your behalf

monalisacode: “What a testimony ..congratulations.” iambimpeakintunde: “What we Love to see. Congratulations Agbeke miii.”

mary.igwe: “Please flood it o jare you are allowed to , congratulations to you and your beautiful daughter mami.”

elizmartins_: “Flood as many as possible, it’s a well deserved and dreams come true Thanking God on your behalf “

 adannambachu1: “Thank you lord , dis will b me and my children one day.”

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