M’sian Woman Wears Bikini to the Beach, BF Asks for Breakup & Says She’s “letting other men see her”

There’s a fine line between taking care of your loved ones and controlling their life by limiting what they can, or can’t do. No one likes to get “bossed” around but in a relationship, how do you feel about your partner who has a say in how you dress up?

In an anonymous confession shared on Malaysian radio DJ, Meiyan’s FB page, a Malaysian woman took the opportunity to vent her anger about her boyfriend whom she called a “control freak”. The woman felt like being locked in a cage because her partner did not allow her to wear revealing outfits, even just a tad bit.

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Some people may perceive the BF as someone who’s protecting her from the sight of other men but for the woman herself, it’s nothing but a form of control. The recent argument about her attire took place when both visited the beach where the man was not happy that her GF appeared half-naked, with half of her body exposed to the public.

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“He argued with me because I was wearing a Bikini, and wanted to break up with me because of that! He said I purposedly revealed my body for other men to see.”

“What are you supposed to wear then?”

Netizens who read her confession believed that it was time for the woman to dodge the bullet, given his controlling nature.

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“My BF would be happy knowing that I got the attention for wearing a bikini. He’s fine as long as my private parts are not revealed. What are you supposed to wear? A long pants?”

“What are you waiting for? Dump him.”

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“I would allow my GF to wear if she wants but with safety measurements, of course.”

“If you’re here ranting about your partner, you have the answer yourself. Break up.”

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“You’re describing my ex. Break up, and you’ll feel a huge relief.”

“It depends on you. If you can’t accept then don’t force it. Do what’s right before you get married.”

Gentlemen, do you have issues with your partner wearing a bikini on the beach? Do you think the guy was being protective, or taking control of her life?


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