“No train during peak hours?” – KTM Train Fails to Show Up After M’sian Waited for More Than 1 Hour

Last year, KTMB’s CEO blamed the hectic traffic in Klang Valley on people who refused to take public transport to work. Those who have taken the train with KTM will know that the frequency is anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes and if you miss a train, you’ll have to wait for quite some time.

Just recently, a Malaysian radio DJ, JC decided to take the train with KTM to avoid peak-hour traffic and give the railway organisation ‘a chance’. He was utterly disappointed when the train did not show up after more than 1 hour. He shared his disappointing experience via his FB account last night (October 24).

“I waited from before 6 pm until after 7 pm. There was no train.”

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This experience brough back memories for JC when 12 years ago, he had to take the train with KTM and similarly, he had to wait for more than an hour.

“I was so angry and I promised to myself, I’m not taking the train with KTM anymore. 12 years later, I see that there is still no improvement.”

The absence of the train during peak hours baffled JC, and said,

“I was stupid for giving you another chance to hurt me.”

What about other alternatives?

JC admitted that there were other alternatives for him to reach his destination but that would require him to use different interchange stations. KTM, on the other hand, would’ve brought him straight to his destination.

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“I reserved an hour for my journey and thought it should be enough, but I was left disappointed.”

He also said that the train station did not display the train frequency and the time of arrival, and once again, expressed his disappointment.

“You told us to take public transport and reduce the traffic. Don’t you feel guilty for saying that?”

JC also admitted that he overlooked KTM’s schedule online.

To those who are still taking the train with KTM, what do you think about the frequency?


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