Old video of explorer stuck between narrow walls of a cave goes viral

A video that has recently resurfaced on the internet, originally posted by ActionAdventureTwins on YouTube, has been sending chills down viewers’ spines. The footage, which is eerily reminiscent of scenes from the 2005 horror film “The Descent,” captures a cave explorer’s harrowing experience as he navigates through the suffocating confines of a cave.

As the explorer ventures deeper into the cave’s narrow passage, he is taken aback by the unexpectedly low ceiling. Speaking to his camera, he admits, “I thought it was going to get wider but as I’m getting closer, I realise it’s an illusion.”

The viewer is left with a sense of unease as they witness the explorer’s relentless struggle, his back scraping against the rough, rocky surfaces of the cave. His growing concern becomes palpable when he says, “It’s getting lowerâ€æI feel like I’m gonna get stuck.”

Despite the mounting risks, the explorer perseveres and manages to progress further into the cave. Eventually, he acknowledges the extent of the danger he has put himself in. After a gruelling struggle, he finally escapes from the claustrophobic confines of the cave, reflecting on his ordeal, “I think I pushed it too far that time.”

This spine-tingling video, first uploaded in November last year, has once again caught the attention of the internet, amassing over 2.8 million views and eliciting a flurry of reactions from both concerned and thrilled viewers.

Unsurprisingly, the video has triggered the claustrophobic anxieties of many viewers, leaving them with a deep-seated fear of such situations. Some have questioned the logic behind spelunking, or cave exploration for leisure, while others have expressed their preference for less dangerous adrenaline-fueled activities.

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Published On:

Oct 24, 2023

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