“Our parents have no savings” – M’sian Siblings Share Struggles of Paying for Everything at Home

Money may not buy you happiness but you definitely need it to survive. In your 20s, you should have already developed a saving habit but unfortunately, high living costs and commitment have forced some people to ditch the thought of savings.

A Malaysian man and his other siblings, who are all in their 20s and living with their parents are still having trouble coming up with secured savings. In a Facebook post shared by Xuan Play, the man revealed that ALL costs are borne by the siblings. Their parents, who are both ill and in their 60s have no savings. Not even retirement funds.

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We have dreams, and people who we’re into but we can’t pursue them

Life can be tough and hit you right in the face and guts. For the man and his siblings, their monthly wages are mostly spent to pay study loans and commitments at home, which leave them just enough to survive. The man admitted that his siblings and he all have dreams and targets in their respective careers but everything is halted due to their lack of funds. 

“We even have people we’re into but we can’t pursue them. We can’t even come up with savings, how do we share a life with others?”

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Why bring us into this world?

When life hits you hard and traps you in an unbearable situation, that’s when you’re drowned with thoughts. The man couldn’t help but think that it’s unfair to him and his siblings to suffer when his parents can’t afford to have children.

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“Sometimes, we wonder, why did they bring us into this world to suffer with them? Back then, it was tough for them to even give us RM50 and today, it’s still the same. We’re frustrated,” he expressed.

However, he did not deny his parents’ efforts in raising the siblings. Their incapability to help their parents, on the other hand, is giving them immense pressure.

He then suggested all youth ditch the idea of having kids if they are not in the right financial state.

Money is not everything but without it, it’s undeniably tough to survive.


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