Pakistani actress trolled again for failed predictions in World Cup match

Pakistani actress Seher Shinwari has found herself at the center of online ridicule due to a series of overoptimistic promises concerning the performance of the Pakistani cricket team. Her frequent gaffes have consistently gone unfulfilled, inviting relentless trolling from internet users.

As the Pakistani team faced Australia on October 20, Shinwari made yet another bold prediction, stating, “Pakistan never loses a match on Friday. Mark my tweet.” Unfortunately for her, the team failed to conquer Australia on that particular Friday, leaving her prediction in tatters.

Here’s the post:

Adding to the drama, Shinwari openly expressed her disapproval of the team’s performance at the Chinnaswamy Stadium by giving them a thumbs-down on X (formerly Twitter). Screenshots of her contrasting posts soon began circulating online, with people making Shinwari’s predictions the subject of internet humor.

In another recent blunder, Shinwari boldly promised to go on a dinner date with a member of the Bangladesh cricket team if Bangladesh managed to defeat India in the tournament. However, this prediction swiftly backfired when India secured a comfortable victory over Bangladesh.

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Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Oct 21, 2023

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