Paris Hilton slams Insta users for ‘sick’ criticism of her son Pheonix’s big head

In January 2023, renowned businesswoman and reality TV star Paris Hilton, along with her husband Carter Reum, a venture capitalist, welcomed their first child into the world. Recently, Hilton shared some heartwarming pictures of her son, Phoenix, during his inaugural trip to New York City. However, the joyous occasion was marred by a barrage of negative comments from internet users who criticised the baby’s appearance, particularly the size of his head. In response, Hilton took to her Instagram story to express her dismay, labelling the behaviour as “unacceptable” and assuring her followers that Phoenix is “perfectly healthy”.

On October 20, Hilton posted a series of photos on Instagram featuring Phoenix and herself. The images showed the mother and son duo comfortably seated on a white couch, with Phoenix adorably gazing at the camera. “My precious angel baby Phoenix’s first time in NYC,” Hilton captioned the post.

Unfortunately, the post attracted a slew of unkind remarks from some social media users. One user questioned if Phoenix had encephalitis, while another made a sarcastic comment about the baby having a lot on his mind. Another user suggested that Phoenix might have brain inflammation and advised Hilton to consult a pediatrician.

However, many of Hilton’s followers were appalled by these comments and rallied in support of her. Some expressed their disappointment at adults making fun of a baby, while others praised Hilton for sharing such a precious moment with her fans.

Hilton responded to the criticism by expressing her deep hurt over the comments targeting her child. She emphasized that while living in the spotlight often invites comments, it is unacceptable to target children. Hilton also highlighted her efforts to foster an environment of love, respect, and acceptance and expected the same in return.

Hilton further stated that she is a proud working mom and her baby is perfectly healthy, adorable, and angelic. She expressed her lifelong dream of becoming a mother and described Phoenix as the biggest blessing of her life. She concluded by expressing her hope for people to treat each other with more kindness and empathy, especially when it comes to innocent children.

Published On:

Oct 25, 2023

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