Passenger startled after finding ‘Elite Matrimony’ store at Chennai airport

Airports are often a hub of unique experiences for passengers as they wait to board their flights. However, some encounters can leave them perplexed and questioning the priorities of airport management. An X user’s recent post stands as testimony.

The passenger stumbled upon an ‘Elite Matrimony’ store within the airport premises. He took to X to share a photograph of the matrimonial store, highlighting the lack of a pharmacy or convenience store that could be crucial in case of emergencies.

The post garnered a flurry of responses from netizens, many of whom expressed criticism over the presence of the matrimonial store inside the airport. One user questioned the necessity of numerous luggage shops in the secure area of the airport, where passengers have already checked in their bags. They argued that the presence of the matrimonial store was even more baffling.

Another user humorously suggested that the store might be targeting individuals who think, “I have a 2-hour layover, let me find a life partner in that time.”

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Published On:

Oct 23, 2023

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