“RM500 for 5-star Hotel” – M’sian Shares How Much Angpow to Give for Chinese Weddings in 2023

It’s customary for us to give some Angpow money when attending a Chinese wedding. If the wedding is held at a fancy, 5-star hotel, you’re likely to spend some money on the red packet.

While there is no specific amount to be given, Malaysian content creator, Joseph Lee shared some suggested amount of Angpow to be given during a wedding, depending on its location and based on 2023 rates. If you have a wedding scheduled anytime soon, you might want to refer to Joseph’s suggestions so that you don’t give too much, or too less.

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How much for 5-star hotel?

On his TikTok account @joobroseph, Joseph believes that you should give RM500 and above if the wedding is held at 5-star hotels, and jokingly explained the suggested price range.

“You need to understand, this couple doesn’t eat chicken rice at Kopitiam, they eat at 5-star hotel.”

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How much for Chinese restaurant?

Of course, not everyone can afford to tie the knot in fancy settings like luxury hotels. So, how much should you give when the couple gets married at a Chinese restaurant?

According to Joseph, the Angpow rate is between RM200 to RM300, and here’s why.

“This couple is expecting a return on investment. They’re there for business. A wedding at Chinese restaurants is usually simple but the food is really good,” Joseph explained.

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How much for 3 or 4-star hotel?

Last but not least, how much can you expect to give those who have their wedding at 3 or 4-star hotels? Joseph claimed that the newlyweds at 3 or 4-star hotels usually don’t intend to celebrate their wedding, which did not sit well with their parents.

“If they don’t celebrate, the parents will feel like a failure. So for them, you can give RM300 to RM400.”

In terms of the pricing for this setting, Joseph said that you’re not giving them for the wedding but instead, for therapy.

“They need to see therapy to resolve their childhood trauma.”

You can watch and listen to Joseph’s explanation below.


Wedding Angpao Rates for Chinese Weddings 2023

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Do you agree with Joseph’s suggested amounts and explanations? How much do you usually give when attending a Chinese wedding?


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