School Bully Slaps The Living Daylights Out Of This Girl For A TikTok Video

Taking to Twitter, this netizen shared a disturbing video of this schoolgirl slapping the living daylights out of her victim, over a TikTok video her victim posted.

After making its way onto social media, it was the victim’s mother who came out, wanting the public to identify the girl who kept slapping her daughter, and promised that a police report will follow suit.

In the video, which garnered 1.7m views on social media, saw a girl, in her school uniform repeatedly slapping another during an interrogation, while being surrounded by her friends.

Clearly adept at bullying her victim, the victim’s mother got hold of the schoolgirl, and brought the perp home for further clarification on the matter.

“I have never spoken to her before this, so what gave her the right to post a video of me on her TikTok.”

“I was unable to control my emotions at the time, but I am guilty for slapping her at the time.”

In the video, the mother repeatedly asked as to why her daughter was made to go through such a treatment.

Taking to social media, the victim’s mother writes: “Thank you netizens for sharing out this video. The matter is still not settled.”

Asking for opinions on what her next course of action should be, many wanted the police to be involved on the matter.

We sincerely hope that the matter is resolved soon and that this act of bullying should serve as a warning of how not to conduct yourself in school.


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