Thomas R. Horn Died: What Happened To Him? Know More

Thomas R. Horn Died

The Christian media community mourned the loss of a giant figure, Thomas R. Horn, who passed away after a courageous battle with severe heart problems on Friday, October 20, 2023. His sudden departure left a deep impact on the hearts of many, leaving them with a sense of sorrow and loss. Those fortunate enough to have known him will always remember him fondly, cherishing the memories of a life well lived. Tom Horn’s legacy will continue to inspire and resonate with everyone he touches.

Who was Thomas R. Horn?

Thomas R. Horn was a prominent figure in the world of Christian media. He was not only the founder but also the host and CEO of SkyWatch TV. He had an impressive list of accomplishments, including being the founder of Whispering Ponies Ranch and Defender Publishing. As a well-known television and radio personality, he made a name for himself through his engaging presence. Moreover, he authored numerous bestselling books and played a pivotal role in publishing many others. His book “Wormwood” was particularly popular among readers.


In addition to his literary contributions, he made appearances on various television shows, such as “The Jim Bakker Show,” “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!,” Daystar TV’s “Celebration,” and “The 700 Club,” among others. Thomas R. Horn’s work and media presence had a significant impact on the Christian community.

Thomas R. Horn Died: What Happened to Him?

Thomas R. Horn’s health took a serious turn when he was admitted to the hospital on October 12. At that time, doctors made the distressing discovery that he was in the midst of an active heart attack, a life-threatening condition. His hospital visit was initially intended for an angiogram and other tests related to his recent health issues. Despite the dedicated efforts of medical professionals, sadly, he didn’t recover, and he passed away after a courageous battle against severe cardiovascular issues.


The heartbreaking news of his passing was shared by Prophecy Watchers on their Facebook page, leaving many saddened by the loss of this well-known figure in Christian media.

Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The details of Thomas R. Horn’s obituary and the arrangements for his funeral will be shared with the public at a later time, as the family is currently going through a period of healing and mourning. Once they are prepared to do so, they will certainly inform everyone about the plans for his funeral service.

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