Verydarkman Opens Up After Meeting Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest, Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want to Be Like Them

After meeting with Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest, VeryDarkMan revealed why he does not wish to follow in their footsteps.

After spending time with Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest, the content creator mused on his newfound stardom.

He emphasized a desire to have a long-term impact rather than just monetary gain.

He denied that money is his primary priority, instead emphasizing his desire to make a real effect in the internet world.

He said; “Only a mumu will think if I want to make mad money right now I won’t, but I don’t want that life. I want to make impact.”

Despite the allure of wealth, VeryDarkMan remained focused on leaving a lasting impression rather than solely chasing monetary success.

In an update shared on social media, VeryDarkMan recounted his thrilling experience spending time with two prominent figures, Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest.

The experience was undoubtedly memorable, VeryDarkMan emphasized that his aspirations extend beyond the glitz and glamour associated with such high-profile connections.

He declared his intention to use his platform to make a significant impact in the cyberspace. Rather than being solely driven by financial gains, he aims to leave a lasting impression on his audience.

See the video below:

Reacting to his post;

@eichiemoses31 said: “Them no dy use mouth tell person.he think say Tunde go dy post am forever…tomorrow he go move to anoda person..nobody go look he side now wey u dy hot u go collect everything..nobody send anybody..if dm start to post new person ..ur time dn finish bro…we first reign for here watin we collect we dy use follow up so.”

@chyddo reacted: “There is many talents and humans waiting to be celebrated, Nigeria is very big. Only just few persons remain relevant for years cos before you even arrive, there is already someone else itching to take your spotlight. Just get whatever you are getting while you are hot cos thats what will sustain you when people stop giving a fuckk.”

@srigeorgeom reacted: “He is using the power of opposite attraction. He who wants doesn’t ask for anything will end up having everything. He doesn’t want to compromise and be bought like many others. But trust me, when he eventually releases what he is working on, so many of you will be amazed. He is the Honey Badger s for a reason.”

@wendy_adamma said: “Allow him!! He wants to create impact. The impact will buy him fuel and everything he wants..”

@ifunanya_official reacted: “Everything is not bread bro. Let him create genuine connections with them and continue impacting the society with his voice and connections. Is just like a woman sexualizing all her contacts. In future, those contacts will not rate or recommend them when integrity matters are discussed.”

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