Video: Cop stops Pakistani fan from chanting ‘zindabad’ slogan at cricket match

A Pakistani fan watching the cricket World Cup match between Pakistan and Australia in Bengaluru was asked not to chant “Pakistan zindabad”. A video of the man’s altercation with a police official has now gone viral.

In the 43-second video, the man, clad in a Pakistani jersey, is seen arguing with the police official. “Pakistan se hoon main, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ nahi bolenge toh kya bolenge? (I am from Pakistan, if I don’t say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, what else am I supposed to say?” he is heard asking.

The fan asked that when people are chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, then why can’t he chant ‘Pakistan zindabad?” The official, in response, is heard saying “zindabad nahi”.

He then asks the police official to repeat his request as he tries to record it on his phone.

“I am watching Pakistan vs Australia match, but I can’t say Pakistan zindabad?” the man asks again, as the police official leaves.

Some people slammed the police official, saying that it was “shameful” that a Pakistani was not being allowed to cheer for his country.

Another person said, “What foolishness. They are Pakistani fans, police not allowing them to chant Pakistan Zindabad…”

Meanwhile, one person pointed out that the incident was in “stark contrast to the healthy support Pakistan are enjoying from the local crowd” in Karnataka’s Bengaluru.

Pakistan lost the match against Australia on Friday by 62 runs.

Published On:

Oct 20, 2023

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