We Sleep, They Work! LRT Crew Work Hard at Midnight on Rail Track to Ensure Smooth Daily Operations

In recent years, LRT has been experiencing many technical difficulties that have caused inconvenience to its users, and it’s undeniably nerve-wracking. However, we also can’t deny that work is continuously being done for further improvements.

Let us put it this way. When we’re sound asleep, that’s when the humans of Prasana, the team behind RapidKL get to work, and only at midnight. They have only 1 objective – to ensure a smooth operation for LRT users just a few hours before the train commences its operation again. In a TikTok clip by @myrapidkl, the team at RapidKL is seen maintaining and fixing the rail track around 1 in the morning.

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“Every single plug, screw and nut of the track that take you across the city is the result of hard work of the backbones of the team, who work day and night to ensure you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride at all times,” RapidKL stated in the caption.

And it’s not an easy task.

“The work is tiring, all crew members need each other’s support,” said one of the crews in the clip.

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A group of 10 to 12 crew members are needed for the work, and this number of manpower is to speed up the process before the public takes the train to commute to work, or their respective destinations again.

Bags of tools, walkie-talkies, and teamwork keep the crew working together for the sake of LRT users.

“We prioritise the users’ safety.”

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The clip has revealed things that the public was not aware of, and netizens, including the daily LRT commuters, took the opportunity to thank the backbones of RapidKL for their hard work.

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“I used to wonder why can’t LRT operate 24/7, and now I understand why. Thank you for your hard work.”

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“Thank you for your hard work in easing the lives of Malaysians who use the public transport.”

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“To those who work hard to ensure my ‘limousine’ functions well every day, thank you and congratulations!”

You can watch the clip below.


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♬ original sound – Rapid KL – Rapid KL

While inconveniences are sometimes inevitable, the crews’ hard work should be recognised. Without their efforts, we might need to find other alternatives to get to our destinations.


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