Wheelchair-bound Bengaluru woman shares her house-hunting struggles in viral post

The struggle for accessible housing is a significant issue faced by individuals who rely on wheelchairs for mobility. This problem is particularly pronounced in many apartment buildings, where the lack of wheelchair-friendly facilities can severely limit the independence of these individuals, often forcing them to depend on others for assistance with daily tasks.

Recently, this issue was brought to light by Mrunmaiy, a woman from Bengaluru, who lives with a disability. She took to X to share her experience after she was asked to leave her current apartment, which sparked an arduous search for a new, wheelchair-accessible home.

Mrunmaiy’s existing apartment is situated within a campus that also accommodates her workplace. Despite the higher rent, she found the proximity to her office to be a worthwhile trade-off. However, she soon discovered that wheelchair-accessible apartments are few and far between in the city, even at a higher cost.

“A couple of weeks ago, we were informed by our landlord that we needed to vacate our apartment,” she shared on X.

“Six years ago, we were fortunate to find out that my workplace is located on a campus that also includes residential apartments, malls, hospitals, schools, and more. Paying a higher rent than the surrounding buildings was a small price to pay for the convenience.”

The elevated rent was justified for Mrunmaiy as it saved her from the ordeal of commuting on the road, especially given the lack of accessible vehicles.

“However, the past few weeks have been challenging as I’ve been trying to find another wheelchair-accessible apartment. It’s disconcerting to realize that many brokers and homeowners consider a few steps to be ‘accessible’,” she added.

In her concluding remarks, she stated, “I’m sharing my experience here to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility and the challenges faced by people living with disabilities in India.”

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Published On:

Oct 25, 2023

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