Woman Plays Badminton Alone at Home with 2 Shuttlecocks, Leaves M’sians Amused

Playing sports tend to be difficult when the weather is bad or if you’re an introvert not looking to interact with people.

So, what can you play when it’s raining outside or if you just want to be by yourself?

The @xo_women TikTok page recently shared a video of a woman playing badminton with 2 shuttlecocks by herself while inside her house, and every time she hit the shuttlecock, it would come back to her automatically!

Badminton 5


In the video, the woman can be seen playing badminton with herself, inside a house, with 2 shuttlecocks. Every time she hit a shuttlecock, it would fly away before U-turning and heading back to her.

Badminton 6

While we want to believe in magic, it’s obvious that there’s a fan somewhere that’s helping to push the shuttlecocks back to the woman.


Many took to the post to share their amusement over the woman’s antics. 

Badminton 4

“Is she playing badminton with Casper?”

Badminton 1

“Is she playing badminton with a ghost?”

Badminton 2

“Suitable for introverts like me, don’t have to endure or interact with people from the outside world, can just play at home alone. Can just be happy.”

Badminton 3

“Seriously, I want. Booking (badminton) courts these days are so expensive, and they’re always full.”


You can check out the hilarious video here.

Would you play badminton like this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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