Yana Najib Says Her Father is NOT a Thief & More People Believe That the Former PM is Innocent

It has been more than a year since former Prime Minister, Najib Razak went to jail. He still has a remaining of 11 years to spend in prison, and that is a long time to go.

Despite being behind bars for a year now,  supporters are still convinced that Najib is far from guilty, as he is not as bad as people have painted him to be. His daughter, Yana Najib recently said that many Malaysians believe that Najib, fondly known as Bossku to some, is innocent.

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“Bossku is NOT a thief”

In a recent interview, Yana said that many people have always believed that her father has never received a fair trial for the fund embezzlement case. The day Najib was sent to prison, was the day where people believed that Bossku was innocent, according to Yana.

Yana is certain that his father is nowhere near a thief because.

“A thief will not keep the stolen items in his own bank account.”

She explained the RM42 million that was donated to a charity fund was approved by SRC.

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However, Yana believes that her father’s biggest mistake was not managing his account personally before he went to jail.

“No thief would openly deposits stolen money into his own personal account, especially if he is the Prime Minister and requires the bank to monitor his account.”

Unfortunately, Najib’s hectic schedule had rendered him unable to manage his account personally, which Yana believes was the biggest mistake.

Najib is expected to be out in the public and mingle with his fans again when he is 81.


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